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Venture Academy

MacIntyre Academies

Ready, Respectful, Safe

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At Venture Academy we work hard to be:
  • Ready to learn and work together
  • Respectful of each other's views and opinions
  • Safe for ourselves and each other
In order to help our pupils with this:
  • Staff are available to support pupils during the day and follow the guidance in 'My Personal Plan (MPP)' This includes movement breaks, sensory activities or just some time out
  • We provide school uniform for our pupils, and they are expected to wear it
  • We provide stationery for pupils if they need it, but we want to support them to be ready for college and work by having their own and looking after it

We do not allow pupils to have mobile phones, tablets or other wi-fi enabled devices with camera capability during the school day. We take them in for safe keeping in the morning when pupils arrive at school and return them at home time. We will even charge them when we can if needed.

We do not allow pupils to have mobile phones in school for the following reasons:

  • Safeguarding - some pupils are at risk from people outside the school
  • Conflict - having a phone in the school day could lead to conflict during the school day or outside school hours
  • Focus - we are here to work and learn and devices are provided for this
  • Theft - there is a risk in any school, including ours