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Venture Academy

MacIntyre Academies

Local Offer

What you can expect of  Venture Academy to make sure your child is safe and happy at school and their academic and social needs are met:

Appropriate and Effective Learning

  • The Academy will fully comply with the requirements of the new National Curriculum, and offer the greatest scope of academic subjects possible.
  • The school will provide teaching which is best practice.
  • Classes will have a very high staffing ratio to provide individual support where necessary
  • Classroom staff will be able to accurately assess the level children are working at and differentiate the curriculum appropriately.
  • Specific interventions in Maths and English will take place where needed.
  • Assessment will praise effort and achievement whilst giving direction and opportunity to ‘close the gap’ on any lack of knowledge.
  • Your child’s progress, both academically and socially will be reviewed regularly with yourself and will inform future learning.
  • A range of resources will support learning for children operating at different levels.

Social Development

  • The Academy will provide support for children in managing their own behaviour and to build up skills and confidence in dealing with social situations.
  • This support will be best current practice in Autism provision, and include Social Stories and other proven techniques.
  • A consequence based behaviour system will encourage students in a non-judgmental way to understand their behaviours and assist them in choosing the right course of action.
  • Behaviour programs will be developed for each child with specific negotiated targets and rewards.
  • All behaviour strategies will be in partnership with the child’s family to ensure progress at home as well as school.
  • To meet the sensory and social needs of autistic learners, students will have access to specialist programs under the direction of an Occupational Health Practitioner and Educational Psychologist as required.
  • All staff will receive training so they have the knowledge and confidence to support children’s needs. This will be wide ranging, and include autism specific training

A Partnership Approach

  • The Academy will provide comprehensive communication and you will have every opportunity to share your views.
  • The Academy will be in contact at least weekly via home - school diaries and telephone conversations.
  • You will be invited into school regularly to discuss your child’s progress.
  • The Academy will work in partnership with you and other experts to identify the needs of your child and put into place the correct support including family support if you need this. For example:
    • Annual Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) review meetings will give you the opportunity to discuss the progress your child has made and the provision, targets and support your child requires to make further progress
    • Advocating for your child where necessary at CAMHS meetings
    • Referral to or seeking advice from other organisations.

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