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Venture Academy

MacIntyre Academies

Our Compassionate Curriculum

We know that to succeed young people need our compassion and we ensure that we maintain compassion (and avoid compassion fatigue) by providing excellent training and support to staff and by using a whole school approach.

Our Compassion Model

How we teach - Compassionate Teaching Principles

  1. Always empower, never disempower
  2. Provide unconditional positive regard
  3. Maintain high expectations
  4. Check assumptions, observe and question
  5. Be a relationship coach
  6. Provide guided opportunities for helpful participation
  7. Use person centred strategies

What we teach - A Compassionate Curriculum

Strategy 1: Safety, connection and assurance of wellbeing

Strategy 2: Emotional and Behavioural self regulation academic success

These principles foster positive relationships between pupils and staff and support our young people to be more resilient. 

Our Compassionate School Policy is founded on these underlying principles:

  • We are non-judgemental and have unconditional positive regard for young people.
  • We are compassionate towards young people and the staff who support them.
  • Our approaches are child centred and personalised.
  • We use a scientific approach to understanding why the person behaves in the way that they do (function).
  • Support is well planned, implemented and monitored.
  • Our interventions are evidenced based, we collect hard and soft data and use it to inform how we support young people, as well as information from professionals and others.
  • We use strategies that are pro-active and reactive and those that promote resilience for young people.

We believe that a pupil who is motivated, encouraged and made to feel worthwhile, and given the appropriate specialist support, will thrive