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Venture Academy

MacIntyre Academies

Our Vision and Ethos

Venture Academy - 'For the Journey'

The word Venture means, among other things, means “a daring journey”.

Our Vision 
  • To instil Values – of compassion, ambition and partnership, that we all try our best to live by day to day
  • To encourage Empathy – for others in our words and actions
  • To Nurture – the talents, skills and ambitions of each other
  • To show Tenacity – in our determination to be our best self today
  • To enable Uniqueness – that we not only tolerate, but celebrate each other as individuals
  • To demonstrate Respect –to ourselves, each other, our families and our community
  • To expect Equality –in how we treat each other with fairness and dignity in all that we do each day 
Our Mission 

To be an inclusive school that promotes individual personal development, achievement and celebrates difference

Our Ethos

 Our ethos is to promote the philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’. This is a Zulu word that is rooted in a belief in humanity and the concept of "I am because we are". This means that at Venture Academy:

  • We try to view and treat others in the way we wish to be viewed and treated
  • We understand and demonstrate that we all have a right to belong to our school community
  • We all have a right to happiness, safety and healthy friendships/relationships
  • We are all responsible for our Academy and its people
  • We accept that the people who come and go in our lives, help to shape who we are or might become
  • We try to take both successes and disappointments as opportunities for personal development and growth
  • We engage in restorative practices as both adults and children, where needed
Our Core Values as an Academy Trust
  • Compassion - we focus on the positives and the opportunities
  • Ambition - we challenge ourselves (learners, families and staff) to go further and be our best self
  • Partnership - we are better when we work together as a team around any child and our school