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Venture Academy

MacIntyre Academies

Key Stage 4 Performance

The Dfe guidance states that 'as the exam and assessment results for 2019/20 or 2020/21 weren't published as performance measures, schools don't need to publish these on their website. 2018/19 results should still be published until new ones are available'

As Venture Academy didn't open until September 2020, there is no key stage 4 data available to publish for the academic year 2019/20

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, summer exams in 2020/21 were cancelled and instead, for pupils were only assessed on the content they had been taught for each course. Schools were given flexibility to decide how to assess their pupils’ performance, for example, through mock exams, class tests, and non-exam assessment already completed. GCSE grades were then determined by teachers based on the range of evidence available and they are referred to as teacher-assessed grades, or TAGs. Due to COVID-19, all 2021 summer exams were cancelled.

The changes to the way GCSE grades have been awarded over the last two years (with CAGs and TAGs replacing exams) mean 2020/21 pupil attainment data should not be directly compared to pupil attainment data from previous years for the purposes of measuring year on year changes in pupil performance.

For more information about this please visit Key stage 4 performance, Academic Year 2020/21 – Explore education statistics – GOV.UK (