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Venture Academy

MacIntyre Academies

Food Technology

Key Stage 2

Students will experience a variety of different cooking methods and styles, developing their own existing culinary skills. They will understand the importance of a balanced diet and learn about portion size.

They will explore using flour to produce a variety of savoury and sweet pastries. Students will be aware of other countries'’ staple foods due to varying climates.

Key Stage 3

Students will follow the routine in the Food Technology room, developing their knowledge around:

  • Will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of specialist equipment.
  • Will learn the necessary Health and Safety procedures for working in a kitchen and handling food
  • Developing confidence and independence will be encouraged.
  • Will be encouraged to develop an enthusiasm for working with food
  • Will consider healthy eating guidelines when choosing ingredients and modifying recipes.
  • Will study the main food commodity groups, fruit and vegetables and fish
  • Will study some issues related to food provenance
  • Will be encouraged to work as a team as well as independently.